The Artist

QBe-e Art Collection

QBe-e is inspired by the culture, crafts and purely Spanish art. Elements that express the values of the firm: uniqueness, strength and creativity, and key communication as a tool for social connection.

Our vision and commitment is to collaborate in the design and creation of our accessories with emerging Spanish artists for them international promotion. Thus, QBe-e will have in future limited editions with national artists captured in a scarf his work as a symbol of exclusivity that characterizes the firm.

QBe-e Art Collection by Paco Naranjo

QBe-e Art Collection by Paco Naranjo

QBe-e Art Collection by Paco Naranjo, is a work by the important Sevillian artist whose main inspiration is the human beings and their behavior over time. The piece shaped in a scarf in pure cotton voile, runs the cosmic and telluric of humans in which hope conceptualizes the journey. Color strength, energy and vitality take center stage in the special canvas.

Values such as art, luxury and passion representing QBe-e, are included in a single canvas full of strength and vitality.

“For this first edition, and as a special collaboration, we have the great work of Paco Naranjo, an established artist who acts as an artistic reference point for QBe-e”.


The packaging that QBe-e uses is 100% ecological using recyclable paper and water based ink. Inside the packaging you will find a certificate numbered edition.