The Charity

QBe-e is much more than an exclusive accessory, or a small piece of art. It's more than a design, limited edition or special present. For us, QBe-e is a commitment. Therefore we wanted to be involved in a charity called 'El Compromiso'. This, in Spanish, means commitment, and that's what the brand is all about.

'I am committed to this charitable work for children. The project consists of building a nursery in Sierra Leon for educating young children. Education is the key for the future and prosperity'.

The whole project of the Foundation exists. From QBe-e we will dedicate ourselves to support and encourage it.

'I have always been very sensitive towards children, their needs and vulnerabilities, and always wanted to work with a charity. I was introduced to 'El Compromiso' and immediately put my trust in their project. A percentage of our sales will go towards the construction of the nursery. We would like to plant our seed in the education of a future African generation.'

For more information visit: www.elcompromiso.org